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Yours Truly


When I take photographs they’re naturally all about you.

That’s because I love being behind the lens and work with passion, skill, care and understanding to ensure that you’ll remember your special moments through high quality images which really speak to you personally.
I’ve been a professional photographer for over ten years now, though going about camera-in-hand has been a way of life for me for longer than I can remember. I did my degree in photography at the Cambridge School of Arts and subsequently studied digital imaging with the Open University. But I’ve got a BSc in psychology too which perhaps explains a lot about why my work seems to get it right for my clients.

I specialise in portrait, wedding and documentary photography.

I think it’s all about understanding, bringing together all the elements of people, places, moods and moments to capture a real, vibrant and beautiful memory of a picture of you, your day or your moment. The artist in me is also developing an extended portfolio in fine arts print.

Tony Sale Photography is exactly what it says on the tin.

I’m a regular family man who lives in north Essex with my wife Kate and two teenage sons. I’m no photographer primadonna, but I don’t subcontract jobs out to juniors or other photographer colleagues either. I love to meet people, get on with them and work with them, using my skills and adopting the level of formality which they feel comfortable with to get the very best photographic results.

Good value for money goes without saying.

I really pride myself on delivering great work and quality personal service. People respect my careful, yet flexible approach and attention to detail and recognise the added value my skills and insight brings to their photographic memories.

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